Flood Insurance Statistics

Unless otherwise noted, all statistics are as of 4/30/2014.

From 2008 to 2012, the average flood claim amounted to nearly $42,000.

From 2003 to 2012, total flood insurance claims averaged nearly $4 billion per year.

In 2012, the average flood insurance policy premium was about $650 per year.

Even though flood insurance isn't federally required, anyone can be financially vulnerable to floods. In fact, people outside of mapped high-risk flood areas file nearly 25% of all National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood insurance claims and receive one-third of Federal Disaster Assistance for flooding.

The NFIP paid more than $7.7 billion in flood insurance claims to all policyholders in 2012.

Policies In-Force

Florida holds 37.2% of US policies-in-force
Unincorporated Leon County holds less than 0.1% of Florida policies-in-force
Tallahassee holds 0.11% of Florida policies-in-force

Written Premiums In-Force

Florida represents 28.2% of US written premiums-in-force
Unincorporated Leon County represents less than 0.1% of Florida written policies-in-force
Tallahassee represents 0.14% of Florida written policies-in-force

Dollars of Insurance In-Force

Florida represents 37.2% of US dollars of insurance in-force
Unincorporated Leon County represents less than 0.1% of Florida dollars of insurance in-force
Tallahassee represents 0.11% of Florida dollars of insurance in-force

Number of Losses 1/1/78 through 4/30/2014

Florida represents 11.7% of US losses
Unincorporated Leon County represents 0.11% of Florida losses
Tallahassee represents 0.22% of Florida losses

Total Payments 1/1/78 through 4/30/2014

Florida accounts for 7.4% of total US payments
Unincorporated Leon County accounts for less than 0.1% of total Florida payments
Tallahassee accounts for 0.16% of total Florida payments


Leon County Flood Insurance Statistics

Unincorporated Leon County has a total of 1,681 NFIP policies in-force that generate $915,824 in annual premiums, resulting in a total insurance coverage of $439,208,000.

Within unincorporated Leon County, a total of 265 claims have been filed for which the NFIP has paid out $3,162,050.