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Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 
Question/Topic: What are the residency requirements for Florida? 
Answer/Pointer: The general requirements for declaration of domicile are set forth in the Florida Statutes, Chapter 222.17. You can access the Florida Statutes online at: From here click on 2000 Florida Statutes (Full Volume). Then click on TITLE XV. Then click on Chapter 222. Specific requirements for certain instances, such as college admission, divorce, probate, etc. may vary, but all would be found in the Florida Statutes. Chapter 240.1201 of the Florida Statutes-Determination of Resident Status for Tuition Purposes-deals with the requirements for establishing residency in order to qualify for the in-state tuition rate at Florida's colleges. In order to register to vote, you need only give a street address at the time of registration. There is no time factor. It can be as soon as you have an address. For a driver's license, you must have resided in Florida for 30 days and provide proof of residency such as an envelope with your Florida address. Each county offers a "proof of domicile" form that you may pick up at the circuit court office in the Florida county in which you live once you have moved here. See also Florida Statutes 196.015 on determination of permanent residency to establish a homestead exemption on property taxes. 
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