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Date: Monday, April 6, 1998 
Question/Topic: Are correctional and court records available to the public? If they are accessible, how are they obtained? 
Answer/Pointer: Records of opinions in appelate and district courts, as well as the Supreme Court, are published in _Southern Reporter_. This publication is available in law libraries or court libraries. Opinions in circuit courts are not published in any central publication, but may be available through the individual courts. I'd suggest contacting the Clerk of Court in the district in which you're interested. There is a link to Web sites for the circuit courts at the following address: For cases in a county court, contact the Clerk of Court's office in that county. There is a list of County Clerks of Court with addresses and phone numbers at the following address: The Department of Corrections has information on inmates currently incarcerated and inmates released since October 1997 on its Web site at the following address: Some correction records are public information and others are not available to the public. If there is something specific in which you're interested, contact the Department of Corrections at (850) 488-2533. 
Librarian: SLF 

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