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Date: Sunday, February 1, 1998 
Question/Topic: How do I form a Florida s-corporation? 
Answer/Pointer: You might want to look at the Department of State, Division of Corporations Web site which has information on setting up corporations: The book "How to Form a Simple Corporation in Florida" by Mark Warda and published by Sphinx Publishing contains a lot of information on forming an S Corporation. It also has samples of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, along with other forms. Another book "Incorporation and Business Guide for Florida" by Robert C. Waters and published by Self-Counsel Press may also be useful to you. Check your local public library or bookstore to find copies of these books. The phone number for the Clearwater Public Library Headquarters is (813) 462-6800. Laws about corporations are found in the Florida Statutes. You can search the statutes online through the Florida Legislature's Online Sunshine page at: Choose Statutes and Constitution; Choose Search 1997 Florida Statutes (Full Volume); Type a search term in the window Click Execute Query. 
Librarian: SLF 

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