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Date: Sunday, March 1, 1998 
Question/Topic: I want to see if a person has a private investigator license in the state of Florida. 
Answer/Pointer: Staff at the Public Inquiry Office at the Florida Dept of State Division of Licensing say that the information you request is not available on the internet. You may call, fax, or write to their office and they can look up information for you. The more information you have about the person you are asking about, the better. They like more than the name; they like to have the social security number, date of birth, and of course the license number. Call 850-488-5381 Fax 850-487-7950 Write: Public Inquiry Office Florida Dept of State Division of Licensing PO Box 6687 Tallahassee FL 32314 
Librarian: SLF 

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