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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Baby Boomers - Generation Gaps in Values 
Answer/Pointer: GENERATION GAPS IN VALUES World War II Baby-Boom Twentysomething Generation Generation Generation (1925-1945) (1946-1964) (1965-1975) Personal Allegiance Self-discovery Self-oriented Political Conservative Liberal Pseudo-conservative Social Law and order Altruistic, humanistic Competitive Ethical Fundamental Moralistic Situational Financial Save and pay cash Buy now, pay later Almost hopeless Buying Based on necessity Have it now Whoever has the most wins Products Home appliances, Clothes, entertainment, High-tech gadgets for work and fun tools, homes, cars travel Reward "I earned it" "You owe me" "I want it, but may not be able to get it" Source: Futurist Magazine, May/June 1992 
Librarian: LCLCPL 

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