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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Phillips screws and screwdriver 
Answer/Pointer: How did the Phillips Screw Driver gets its name? Named for Henry Phillips who founded Phillips Screw Co. in 1933 and first patented the Phillips screw in 1934. According to a Phillips Screw Company spokesman, he developed it to help a friend install running boards on new Cadillacs without scratching the finish. He had the first screws produced, plated with gold and silver, and made into a necklace for his wife and others into cuff links. A grandson now has them. Source: Phillips Screw Co. 508 Edgewater Dr. Wakefield, MA 01880 (listed in Brands and their companies, 22nd, ed. 200l) 
Librarian: LCLCPL 

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