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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Newspaper logs - construction 
Answer/Pointer: How to make newspaper logs: You need a dowel or broomstick and a stack of old newspapers. Make a layer of 10 or 12 sheets of newsprint and begin rolling them rightly around the dowel. Keep adding stacks of paper until the log is as thick as you want it. Tie the log in a couple of places with wire or stout twine and remove the dowel. When you've got a stack of logs, soak them well in water--it doesn't hurt to pound them firm with a mallet if you have one lying around. Stack them out in the sun . . . When logs are dry, they're ready for the fireplace. They may not produce much heat, but they do light up the fireplace. Source: Tallahassee Democrat "Action Line" column published in the 1970's. 
Librarian: LCLCPL 

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