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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Leon County Schools - Names, Elementary 
Answer/Pointer: Leon County Schools - Names ELEMENTARY Apalachee: named after the American Indian tribe Astoria Park: in honor of the nearby neighborhood Bond: named after the south-side community [See entry in this database under Bond Community] Brevard: in honor of teacher Caroline M. Brevard Buck Lake: For Buck Lake Road Canopy Oaks: in homage to the trees and canopy roads near the school Chaires: in honor of the community, which was named after Green Hill Chaires who helped settle Tallahasssee. DeSoto Trail: named after the DeSoto Trail, the route taken by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto in northwest Florida Fort Braden: for the community, which was named after a military outpost created during the Second Seminole War Gilchrist: to honor James M. Gilchrist, former principal of the school, which used to be called Timberland Elementary Hartsfield: to honor Frank S. Hartsfield, Leon County Schools Superintendent from 1917-1936 Hawks Rise: name created to describe the area Killearn Lakes: named for the community W.T. Moore: to honor W.T. Moore, Leon County judge and former Leon County School Board Chairman Oak Ridge: named for the oak trees around the school Pineview: named for the pine trees around the school Riley: to honor John G. Riley, Leon County's first black principal. Roberts: named after a former all-black schoolhouse and a local farming family (Tallahassee Democrat, 5/7/01, p. 1B) Ruediger: to honor Lillian Cross Ruediger, Leon County Schools elementary supervisor, 1945-1951 Sabal Palm: named for Florida's state tree Sealey: for Romero Mitchell Sealey, state supervisor of secondary education Springwood: named to describe the area Sullivan: for Kate Sullivan, who taught elementary school in Leon County for 47 years Wesson: for Leonard Wesson, former School Board member Woodville: named for the community 
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