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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Animals - Baby Names 
Answer/Pointer: Young of Animals Have Special Names. The young of many mammals, birds, and fish have come to be called by special names. A baby eel, for example is an elver. Many young animals, of course, are often referred to simply as infants, babies, younglets, or younglings. Bunny: rabbit filly: horse (female) nestling: birds generally calf: cattle, elephant, antelope fingerling: fish generally owlet: owl rhino, hippo, whale, others flapper: wild fowl parr, smolt, grilse: salmon cheeper: grouse, partridge, quail fledgling: birds generally piglet, shoat, farrow, suckling: pig chick, chicken: fowl foal: horse, zebra, others polliwog, tadpole: frog cockerel: rooster fry: fish generally poult: turkey codling, sprag: codfish gosling: goose pullet: hen cub: lion, bear, shark, fox, others joey: kangaroo, others pup: dog, seal, sea lion, fox cygne: swan kid: goat puss, pussy: cat duckling: duck kit: fox, beaver, rabbit, cat spike, blinker, tinker: mackerel eaglet: eagle kitten, kitty, catling: cats, other squab: pigeon elver: eel small mammals squeaker: pigeon, others eyas: hawk, others lamb, lambkin, cosset, hog: sheep whelp: dog, tiger, beasts of prey fawn: deer leveret: hare yearling: cattle, sheep, horse, others Source: World Almanac Also, see: All about baby animals, by Michael Chinery. J 591.39 Chi 
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