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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Forms of address 
Answer/Pointer: See books on etiquette and protocol for more officials and more complete variations, but the following chart will help in many situations: POSITION ENVELOPE ADDRESS SALUTATION Presidents of countries The President Dear Mr./Madam President --- Vice Presidents of countries The Vice President Dear Mr./Madam Vice President --- Cabinet officers The Honorable John/Jane Doe, Secretary of --- Dear Mr./Madam, Secretary of --- Judges The Honorable John/Jane Doe, Judge, U.S. --- Court Dear Judge --- Senators The Honorable John/Jane Doe, U.S. Senate Dear Mr./Ms. Senator --- Representatives The Honorable John/Jane Doe, U.S. Representative Dear Mr./Ms. --- U.S. Ambassadors The Honorable John/Jane Doe, The American Ambassador Dear Mr./Ms. --- Foreign ambassadors His/Her Excellency John/Jane Doe, Ambassador of --- Dear Mr./Ms. Ambassador --- Kings/Queens His/Her Royal Highness --- , King/Queen of --- Your Royal Highness --- Military leaders (actual rank) General/Admiral John/Jane Doe Dear General/Admiral --- Goverors The Honorable John/Jane Doe, Governor of --- Dear Governor --- Mayors The Honorable John/Jane Doe, Mayor of --- Dear Mayor --- The Clergy: Catholics: The Pope His Eminence the Pope --- Your Holiness --- Cardinals His Eminence, John Cardinal Doe Dear Your Eminence, Cardinal --- Episcopalians The Rt. Rev. John Doe Dear Bishop --- Protestants The Rev. John Doe Dear Mr./Ms. --- Eastern Orthodox Patriarch His Holiness, the Patriarch --- Your Holiness --- Jewish Rabbi John Doe Dear Rabbi --- 
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