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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Flag - American - Florida 
Answer/Pointer: See: So proudly we hail, a history of the United States flag, by William Rea Furlong and Byron McCandless R 929.92 Fur. This book gives history, symbolism, colors, dimensions, rules for display, etc. Protocol: the complete handbook of diplomatic, official and social usage, by Mary Jane McCaffrey and Pauline Innis R 399 McC, pp. 351-379. See also other books on flags (929.9, 929.92), or any World Almanac To purchase a flag that has flown over the U.S. Capitol: call (202) 224-3121 (Congressional switchboard) To purchase a flag that has flown over the Florida Capitol: call 488-1802 (can supply both Florida and U.S. flags) For Florida flag etiquette, see: Practical protocol for Floridians, compiled by Allen Morris, revised R 395 Mor For Florida flag history, see editons of the Florida Handbook (R+Circ) 917.59 Flo When displaying flags of the U.S. Armed Forces with the U.S. flag, the order, viewed from the public, is: Army, Navy, U.S. flag, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard (Source: Tallahassee Marine Corps Recruiting Center) 
Librarian: LCLCPL 

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