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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Cities - common names 
Answer/Pointer: Cities - common names: Midview, Fairview, and Oak Grove are the three most popular names for places where people live in the United States. A total of 549 communities bear one of them. The U.S. Geological Surveyu and the U.S. Board on Geographic Names have compiled a computerized listing of all 154,243 cities, towns, villages and subdivivision in the nation. The listing, on CD-ROM, also includes the official names of nearly 2 million other places, including streams, lakes, mountains, and swamps. The program lists 207 communities named Midway, the most popular place name in the country. Fairview is second, coming up 192 times, and 150 communities are dubbed Oak Grove. Other poular names and the number of times they appear: Five Points (145), Pleasant Hill (113), Centerville (109), Mount Pleasant (108), Riverside (106), Bethel (105), and New Hope (98). Lincoln is the most popular place named after a famous person. It's 58th most popular overall, appearing in the database 45 times. Washington appears 36 times. Source: The Associated Press, article in Tallahassee Democrat 7/13/94. 
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