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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: The Legend of the Christmas Rose 
Answer/Pointer: "The Legend of the Christmas Rose" 'Twas Christmas Eve and eager feet A breathless hush, a whir of wings Moved merrily down the village street A calm strong voice with comfort rings, Soft glow of candles lit their way "Dear child, you chose the better part As neighbors called in greeting gay The greatest gift is a loving heart. While happy children carols sang, "See where each tear has fallen, lo, The bells in exaltation rang; A lovely rose begins to grow; Cathedral doors stood open wide Let these blossoms be your offering, As long processions file inside. And Gloria in Excelsis sing." Each pilgrim brought an offering, She picked Christmas roses bright, A present for the infant King; Then tripped toward home on footsteps light. They placed their gifts on altar fair The brightest stars the blue could boast Then reverently knelt in prayer. Were candles held by angel host. No member of that festive train by Edith E. Emerson Had seen the child, eyes filled with pain, Source: Ideals, Vol. 25, No. 6, Nov. 1968 Who crouched within a doorway dark Where passersby could not remark. She watched them enter, then the light was gone! The heavy doors closed tight. Her heart was cold within her breast, Her feet were cold yet would not rest. She turned away in bleak despair, Her grief seemed more than she could bear. She had no gift for the Holy Child, No offering for the mother mild. She left the town and climbed the hill, On through the forest damp and chill, Till with her sorrow all unbound She cried aloud upon the ground. 
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