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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Florida Capitol 
Answer/Pointer: Most editions of the Florida Handbook (R+Circ 917.59 Flo) have an informative article on Florida's Capitol. From the 1987-1988 Florida Handbook, p. 225 ff: "Construction of Florida's fourth, and present, Capitol was commenced Nov. 8, 1973, and declared completed on Aug. 19, 1977. The building was opened officially on March 31, 1978 [by] Governor Reubin O'D Askew... The building cost $43,070,741. An additional $1,957,338 was committed to landscaping and to the plaza, fountains, and steps on the west front, an area known formally as Waller Park, for Curtis L. Waller of Tallahassee, Judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. While the Capitol generally is spoken of as having 22 stories, there are an additional three floors below the street level. Some statistics: 3,700 tons of structural steel. 2,800 tons of reinforcing steel. 25,000 cubic yards of concrete (the equivalent of 16 football fields, each one foot thick), 12,000 sq. ft. of walnut paneling. 12,000 gallons of paint. 62,000 sq. ft. of marble. 60,000 sq. ft. of carpet. 92,000 sq. ft. of terrazzo. 30 miles of telephone cable. 250 miles of electrical wire. 2,000 doors. 66 public and 11 private restrooms. 40 sets of stairs. 14 elevators. 360 parking spaces. Some 3,000 persons work in the Capitol during normal days. When the legislature is in session, an estimated 4,500 persons occupy the building." Additional facts: 307 feet tall from main entrance level. 718,000 sq. ft. of floor space. 
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