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Date: Saturday, May 4, 2002 
Question/Topic: Circle 6 Ranch 
Answer/Pointer: The "Circle 6 Ranch" was a popular Tallahassee television show broadcast in the 1950s by WCTV. Host Jack Ridner, "Foreman Jack", dressed as a cowboy and performed western skits. Local children were interviewed. Joining the "Buckaroo" club entitled one to a membership card printed with the Buckaroo pledge. The show also featured cartoons, such as "Popeye" and "Felix the Cat". Ridner later became a used car salesman.  
Librarian: Brett Castleberry 
Comments: Filed under, "Television - Tallahassee". See attached article, "A Lot Has Changed in 40 Years", by Michael Higgins, from the Tallahassee Democrat, November 22, 1995, p. 4-D. 

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