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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: Supervision 
Answer/Pointer: Supervision, span of: The principle that a manager can effectively supervise a limited number of subordinates is virtually as old as mankind. However it is not possible to state a definite figure as to how many subordinates a manager should have. It is only correct to say that there is some upper limit to this number. In many industrial concerns, the top executive will have from three to eight subordinate managers. But the span of supervision usually increases the farther down a person is within the managerial hierachy. It is not unusual to find a span of supervsion of from 15 to 25 employees at the first level of supervision. Source: Supervision: concepts and practices of management, by Raymond Hilgert. 5th ed. 1991 658.302 Hil See also Expanding File S 
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