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Date: Monday, January 1, 2001 
Question/Topic: First Black 
Answer/Pointer: First Black Astronaut in space: Guion Stewart Bluford, 8/3/83 First Black Astronaut killed in space: Ronald E. McNair, killed in Challenger Accident, Jan. 1986 First Black Catholic Archbishop in US: Eugene Antonio Marino, March 1988, Atlanta, GA First Black Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff: Gen.Colin L. Powell, appointed by Pres. George Bush, 8/89 First Black Coach in the National Football League: Art Shell First Black Congressman of Reconstruction era: Josiah Walls. Elected 3 times to the US House of Representatives (representing Fla.), he introduced 51 bills on such matters as free public schools and amnesty for former Confederates. He died in 1905, is reportedly buried in Tallahassee, but exact location is unknown> (Tall Demo 2/12/89) First Black cowboy author: Nat Love ("Deadwood Dick") His authobiography "The life and adventures of Nat Love, better known in the cattle country as Deadwood Dick, a true history of slavery days, life on the plains of the 'wild and woolly' west, based on facts and personal experiences of the author" (Tall Demo, 2/12/89) First Black Congresswoman: Shirley Chisholm, from New York. US House of Representatives, 1969-83. First Black doctor to perform open heart surgery: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, who operated without wonder drugs, blood transfusions, or X-Ray machines, in 1893. (Parade Magazine, 2/4/90, pp. 6-7) First Black to fight in World War II: Dorie Miller, aboard the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor. (Parade Magazine, 2/4/90, pp 6-7) First Black football quarterback: Doug Williams. First Black to play quarterback in Superbowl 1988 for Washington Redskins First Black Four Star General: Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr. First Black Governor: L. Douglas Wilder, of Virginia, 11-89 First Black Heisman Trophy Winner: Ernie Davis, 1961 First Black Justice on US Supreme Court: Thurgood Marshall, appointed by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967 First Black Chief Justice on Florida Supreme Court: Leander Shaw was promoted to Chief Justice, 3/13/90 becoming the first Black to hold that role in the state and the first to head any of its three branches of government. (Tall Demo, 3/14/90) First Black Mayor of a major American City: Carl Stokes, of Cleveland, Ohio, elected Nov. 1967. (African-American Firsts R 973.0496 Pot) First Black Mayor of Chicago: Harold Washington, 1983. First Black Mayor of Los Angeles: Thomas Bradley, 1973. First Black Mayor of New York City: David Dinkins, 1989 First Black Nobel Prize winner: Ralph Bunche, for Peace, 1950. First Black National Football League referee: Johnny Grier First Black Republic in US House of Representatives, since 1935: Gary Franks, former Waterbury, CT Alderman First Black Rhodes Scholar: Alain Locke, regarded as the intellectual spokesman of the Harlem Renaissance. (Parade Magazine 2/4/90, pp.6-7) (continued on another screen) 
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