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Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 
Question/Topic: I'm going to relocate to Florida and need to decide where to move. Please send me information on Florida and its cities, relocation information, and job information. 
Answer/Pointer: There is some helpful information on relocating to Florida at the Department of Elder Affairs Web site. Even if you're not of retirement age, some of the information that's been collected there may be useful! Links to Web sites for Florida cities can be found at this address: Links to Web sites for Florida counties can be found at this address: Many Chambers of Commerce have Web sites that have information on the communities in which they're located. There are links to some of these at this address: Links to Florida newspapers, many of which post classified ads on their Web sites, can be found at this address: Other job links are available at You might also want to check with your local public library to see if it has the _Places Rated Almanac_ or some of the other sources that give comparative information on cities. Yahoo! also has a feature that allows you to compare cities and to get basic information on them. Many real estate agents have relocation information. Use a search engine (such as HotBot, Alltheweb or Yahoo) to help you locate Web sites for realty companies in the area where you'll be moving. 
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