Stumper Detail

Date: Friday, October 6, 2000 
Question/Topic: Is it legal to use a metal detector on the beach of a coastal state park in a zone between the water lane and toe of the dunes? 
Answer/Pointer: I called the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Beaches and Coastal Systems at 850-488-3181 about your query and spoke with Rosalyn. She called George Apthorp with Parks and Recreation who said that the policy on metal detector use on beaches in state parks is administered by the Bureau of Natural and Cultural Resources . The policy is that metal detectors may be used to search for lost personal items or modern money. Anything other than those types of items cannot be removed. Anyone who intends to use a metal detector must notify the park manager. The intent of the policy is to preserve treasures. 
Librarian: SLF 

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