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Date: Friday, October 13, 2000 
Question/Topic: I understand that Florida has a Newborn Lifeline program to help protect the lives of abandoned infants and their desperate mothers. As the adoption coordinator for Catholic Community Services in Sierra Vista, Arizona, I am gathering information in hopes of starting a pilot program here. I would appreciate any information you have on the Newborn Lifeline. Thank you. 
Answer/Pointer: You will find information about the Newborn Lifeline at I called the Florida Department of Children and Families, Communications Office at 850-488-4855 and spoke with Paige Jolley there. She used to be the person in charge of information on the Florida program, but it is now headed up by Ginnene Elster. Ginnene was not in the office today. Should you wish further information or an information sheet faxed to you, call Ginnene at 850-488-4855 and she will be able to help you out. Meanwhile, Paige told me the following information about the Florida program off the top of her head: 1. The baby can be taken to a fire station II (one that has paramedics) or to a hospital. The hospital has to be one with an emergency trauma unit. 2. The mother will remain anonymous. 3. The mother can change her mind within 30 days. 4. Mothers will not be charged with abandonment. 5. There will be no criminal charges brought against the mother. 6. No questions asked. 7. The baby must be no older than 3 days old. 8. There must be no signs of abuse or neglect on the baby. 9. The baby will be put up for adoption after the 30 day waiting period through an adoption agency. 10. Parental rights will be terminated. 11. The new parents will not search for the biological mother. 
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