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Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2000 
Question/Topic: Is there some way I can find out what federal census records you have on microfilm--states and years? 
Answer/Pointer: The Florida State Archives has census records on microfilm for the state of Florida from 1830 to 1945. The series contains federal censuses (1830-1920), soundex indexes for federal censuses (1880-1920), and state census records (1875, 1885, 1935 and 1945). The Florida Room in the State Library of Florida also has the Florida census records for 1900-1920 on microfilm. The Florida State Archives also has federal census records for other states, including Georgia, Wisconsin, Virginia, Vermont, and Texas. The best way to view a list of what years and other states are available is to search our online catalog on the Internet at: Select the "Search by Keyword" button and enter census records in the box. The call numbers will tell you where the film is located (Archives, Florida Room, etc.) State Library staff have limited ability to search the film for patrons who can't come to the library. However, we have a list of local researchers we can provide if you are interested. These individuals are not affiliated with the library, but have agreed to let us keep their names on a list. If you would like to contact the Archives, their web site is: The Archives policy for staff research is contained on this web site under the heading "Information for Researchers." 
Librarian: SLF 

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