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Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2000 
Question/Topic: How can I get a copy of a traffic accident report? 
Answer/Pointer: This information on ordering accident reports comes from the Florida Highway Patrol Web site ( There is a link from that Web site to local district offices in the state. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crash reports may be obtained from the local Florida Highway Patrol Station that is closest to where the crash occurred. Crash reports are kept in the local districts for 2 years from the date of crash. Homicide reports are kept in the local districts for 5 years from the date of crash. To order a crash report ($2.00) older than 2 years, call (850) 488-5017. To order a traffic homicide report ($25.00) older than 5 years, call (850) 488-1009. To order traffic homicide photographs, call (850) 488-5984. Photographs are $1.00 for 5"x7" or $1.50 for 8"x10". NOTE: When requesting photographs, have at least two of the following pieces of information available when you place your request: Date of Crash County of Crash Name of Fatality Victim Traffic Homicide Case Number 
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