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Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 
Question/Topic: What public property has been named after a living legislator? 
Answer/Pointer: State Buildings, Parks, Roadways, etc named after legislators while they were still alive (taken from Final Citators 1989-1999 under the subject "Designations"). Prior to 1989 there is not a specific subject listing for public property named after people. 1989 Claude Denson Pepper Building (Claude died in 1989, while serving this term) H1856 (89-396) Sam Mitchell Aquaculture Demonstration Facility H447 (89-392) William V. Chappell, Jr. Memorial Highway S1237 (89-385) William V. Cahppell, Jr. Memorial Bridge H87 (89-387) 1990 Doyle E. Conner Agricultural Complex S2676 (90-370) Sidney Martin Biotechnology Center, University of Florida H2933 (90-378) 1991 Robert E. Blackburn, Jr. Florida Department of Law Enforcement complex S1266 (91-312) Wayne Hollingsworth Farmer's Market H655 (91-314) Jefferson Reaves, Sr. Boulevard H1023 (91-315) 1992 Frederick H. Schultz Hall, University of North Florida H1089 (92-219) Elaine Gordan Highway S932 (92-210) Gwen Cherry Highway S932 (92-210) Willard Ayres Bridge H2439 (92-152) 1993 James Harold Thompson, Village Green, Florida State University, College of Law H1047 (93-300) 1994 None 1995 Betty Easley Conference Center, Capital Circle Office Center, Public Service Commission H435 (95-439) T.K. Wetherell Building, Florida State University, University Center H2123 (95-441) U.S. Congressman Tom F. Lewis & State Representative Marian V. Lewis Highway H27 (95-435) 1996 Malcolm E. Beard Transportation Complex S1126 (96-436) Sid Martin Memorial Highway H59 (96-433) 1997 Donald E. Reed Hall; committee meeting room House of Representatives H9063 (Adopted) Doyle E. Carlton, Jr. Cracker Country; Florida State Fairgrounds H907 (97-220) 1998 Senator George Kirkpatrick Dam H3065 (98-398) James T. Hargrett, Jr. Building S1540 (98-78) Pat Thomas Parkway S1014 (98-423) 1999 William G. "Doc" Myers M.D. Building, Health Department Laboratory Facility, University of South Florida H2125 (99-397) Carrie P. Meek Boulevard S82 (99-403) 
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