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Citizen Participation

The Watershed Pledge: "I promise to do my part in the protection of our community's watersheds and basins by bringing awareness to my family, friends, and neighbors in order to ensure clean water for tomorrow."


What Can I Do?
Every citizen can help in the protection of one of our most sacred natural resources. One of the greatest threats to our surface water resources is pollutants in stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff is the water that flows over the land during and immediately after a rainstorm. To avoid the degradation of our water supply that numerous things that citizens and businesses in our area can do:


  • Dispose of household chemicals properly at designated collection sites.
  • Follow label directions on pesticide and fertilizer containers and dispose of properly.
  • Use yard waste as mulch or dispose of properly by bagging or composting leaves and grass clippings.
  • Recycle approved containers.
  • Maintain septic systems.
  • De-chlorinate swimming pool water before discharging.
  • Participate in Adopt-A-Road Program to gather trash and other potentially harmful pollutants that may enter into the water supply.
  • Report any illicit activities that may do harm to the community water supply.


  • Properly store and dispose of substances used in commercial processes.
  • Landscape to prevent excessive runoff and erosion.
  • Maintain privately owned stormwater ponds.
  • Learn and comply with local environment ordinances.

Watershed Champion Award
Click here for the Online Watershed Champion Nomination form
Click here to download the Watershed Champion Nomination form

The recipients of the first Watershed Champion Award have been announced. Congratulations to Dr. Joe Barnett, Nancy Miller and George E. Lewis, II. View the news release for more information. The Watershed Champion Award is presented annually to a member(s) of our community who has exemplified leadership in the protection of watershed by facilitating pollutant reduction and/or flood control. The award is eligible to citizens, neighborhoods (including homeowners’ associations), and businesses. This award recognizes the importance of community participation in bringing awareness to watershed protection.

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