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2006 Watershed Champions

The Watershed Pledge: "I promise to do my part in the protection of our community's watersheds and basins by bringing awareness to my family, friends, and neighbors in order to ensure clean water for tomorrow."

Nancy Miller

Ms. Miller has worked in the intersection of environmental science, land planning and policy for decades. She has focused most of her efforts on the protection of natural water bodies and rivers and the need to management it as it runs off from human development. Ms. Miller is the co-author and spokesperson for Think About Personal Pollution (TAPP), a program to educate citizens about the positive role they can play in reducing stormwater runoff and pollutants going into our lakes. Ms. Miller serves on various County and City committees to assist local elected officials in developing policies that will ensure that the waters of our community is protected.

George E. Lewis, II

Mr. Lewis has been a staunch advocate for watershed protection for decades. As an attorney, he has worked pro bono for the Friends of Lake Jackson and the Lake Jackson Protection Alliance in order to ensure the protection of the Lake Jackson Watershed. Mr. Lewis has never waiver in his dedication to promote and protect Lake Jackson and its ecosystem. As a resident his family grew up and cherished the shores of our lakes and rivers. He tirelessly gives of his time to help developers, neighborhoods, environmental groups, and our local governments find solutions to difficult problems in an environmentally responsible way, especially concerning stormwater and pollution issues. Mr. Lewis continues to be a constant presence in the political arena advocating for the protection of Tallahassee-Leon County waters and will remain lifetime champion for our watersheds.

Dr. Joe Barnett

Dr. Barnett is a tireless advocate for lake management and water quality resources. Not only does he educate his neighbors of the importance of keeping our water clean, Dr. Barnett has incorporated best practices within his home. His yard is certified Florida Friendly. He brought He advertised and collected about 4 canoes full of water hyacinths and distributed samples to waterfront homes. He prepared a rain garden along the lake he lives on (Petty Gulf) that captures stormwater runoff (from many of the neighbors who have made "dams" to keep water from going into their yards). Dr. Barnet has been a Lakewatch volunteer for the last 6 years for Petty Gulf and Pine Hill. He has been a member on the KLHOA Fish and Wildlife Committee for the last 7 years. He helped clean up and participate in aquatic plantings with the Boy Scouts, along Lake Arrowhead. Dr. Barnet exemplifies the champion that can be developed in each resident of our community.