William "Willie" N. Meggs

State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit



What is the Worthless Check Diversion Program?

    The Diversion Program was created by the Legislature of the State of Florida in 1986 and allowed State Attorney Office's to create an educational program for first-time worthless check offenders in order to give them an alternative to prosecution. In order to participate in the Diversion Program, defendants must first provide proof that they have paid restitution of their check or checks to their victim; then they must pay a fee to the State Attorney's Office of $25.00, $30.00, or $40.00, depending upon the face amount of the check. Only after paying restitution and the fee to the State Attorney's Office may a defendant participate in the Diversion Program.

    If a check writer qualifies for participation in the Diversion Program, a letter is sent to them by the State Attorney's Office giving them fifteen days to make restitution to the victim and to bring proof of restitution and the Diversion Program fees to the Worthless Check Division office. When check writers come to the Worthless Check Division office, they will watch a fifteen minute video and receive an eight-page handout, both of which describe Florida's laws regarding worthless checks and procedures to follow to prevent further passing of worthless checks.

Last Update 12.10.06