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Long-Range Plan for Library Service:
2010-2011 to 2012-2013


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Services 2011-2012 - Click Here.


Our Public Library System is a free and open community resource for recreational reading, continuing education and personal enrichment. Library staff members in all areas of the system strive to help users effectively by organizing information carefully and consistently; anticipating needs and interests of citizens; and providing friendly, professional customer service.  In offering access to all, the Library gives opportunity to all.  People of every age and stage of life find what they need, want and dream of at the Library.

The LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library System is a growing system, with a main Library, five Branch Libraries, Bookmobile and Outreach Services as well as a strong online presence. To help stimulate the local construction industry, the Leon County Board of County Commissioners authorized several Library improvement projects in fiscal year 2009.  These included the expansion of two Branch Library buildings; relocation of one storefront Branch to another storefront with two times the space; the replacement of one small storefront Branch with a 12,500 square-foot Branch Library building; and a 2,000 square-foot addition to a County Community Center, establishing a sixth full-service Branch Library.  Leon County Board of County Commissioners Chair Bob Rackleff described the Library System as a “core service” at the groundbreaking for the new Eastside Library, held July 8, 2010.

Anticipating and preparing for this growth of the Library system and increases in use, the three-year long-range plan is focused on making the best use of Library resources to maintain Library services at the highest level possible.  The long-range plan is a statement of purpose, defining and describing services the Library offers.  The annual plan to be developed for each year presents activities that support the long-range plan.

The long-range plan has been developed with input from Library staff and comments and ideas from the community.  The Library continuously encourages comments from Library users through comment cards at suggestion boxes in all locations, “Contact the Library” links on the Library website and online catalog, and daily interaction with users. As part of the preparation of this plan, a special focus group session was held in June 2010.  Six Library users from the main Library and two Branch libraries, the president of the Friends of the Library and a member of the Library Advisory Board discussed Library services and their vision of the Library in a session facilitated by a program specialist from the State Library of Florida.

Public libraries across the country offer a great variety of services, many of which are defined and tailored to the communities the libraries serve.  The Public Library Association calls these “service responses,” defined as what libraries “offer to the public in an effort to meet well-defined community needs” (2007 Public Library Service Responses, Garcia and Nelson, 2007).

Service responses for our plan have been selected by Library staff in response to the input and information solicited in preparing this long-range plan.  The service responses reflect traditional and well-loved Library services offered in Leon County. These service responses as described below are the goals to which the Library aspires.  The objectives listed under each describe the way in which the Library plans to meet the goal.  The goals and objectives also help the Library define and give direction to new services and new ways of offering traditional services.  To this end, the term “Library Services” is used in this plan, rather than “Service Responses.” 

The Library will continue to compile statistics that track performance such as circulation, computer uses and Library visits.  Performance measures are an indication of the effectiveness of Library programs.  The Library will continue to solicit comments and suggestions from the public.  Library staff will continue to follow Library trends and uses of technology, implementing changes where appropriate to improve services.

The plan gives the Library a guide to the future as the Library strives to fulfill its mission and embody its vision:

Library Mission

The LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library System enriches the community by inspiring a love of reading, providing a dynamic resource for creative and intellectual pursuits, and enabling residents to live a life of learning.

Library Vision

Our community discovers the joy of reading, the energy of ideas and the power of information together in the Library.

Library Services

Goal 1:  Stimulate Imagination

Library users who want to enhance their leisure time find materials they want when and where they want them, and Library staff members offer guidance in making choices from among the options.


1.1  Materials are available in a variety of formats at all locations.
1.2  New materials are attractively and prominently displayed and featured on the Library website.
1.3  Displays at the libraries, topical email newsletters about new titles, an inviting online catalog with easy-to-use request and reserve features, use of technology such as downloadable audio books and e-books, and knowledgeable staff members inspire Library users as they select materials.

Goal 2:  Satisfy Curiosity and Offer Resources for Decision-Making

Library users turn to Library resources to explore topics of personal interest.  They find the resources needed to analyze risks, benefits and alternatives as they make informed decisions and continue their quest to live a life of learning.


2.1  Library resources are up-to-date, accurate, reliable and well-organized.
  All resources—print, non-print and online—are carefully selected to anticipate and respond to community interests and demand.
Information and reference services are provided in person, by telephone and email, and through the Library website. Well-trained, customer-service oriented staff members assist Library users with their information needs efficiently and effectively, using appropriate resources.
  Library services—in person, by telephone, and through the Library website—are efficient and easy to use. 

Goal 3: Connect to the Online World

The Library supports free access to the Internet for the community at all Library locations so that Library users can take advantage of ever-growing resources and services available through the Internet.


3.1  Library staff members review information resources, receive training and continue to develop the knowledge and ability to help the community understand, evaluate and utilize the full extent of information and services available through the Internet.
3.2  The number of public-access PCs throughout the Library system will increase as the Branch system is expanded.
3.3  Wireless access is available at all libraries.
3.4  The Library will continue to work with Leon County Management Information Systems to monitor and improve the effectiveness of technology equipment. 

Goal 4: Create Young Readers and Support Success in School

The Library understands the importance of learning and language development from birth through adulthood.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to read to children, children are encouraged to develop a love of reading independently for recreation and for school, and teens are offered a wide variety of materials in a variety of formats to encourage creativity, reading for pleasure and success in their academic work.


4.1  BabyTime and Storytime programs are presented weekly for children from birth through age five and their parents and caregivers. Programs are interactive and imaginative, encouraging parents, caregivers and children to enjoy reading and other activities that develop reading skills and enable children to discover the joy of reading.
  Family Literacy services and programs develop reading, language and learning skills in parents and their children.
Library staff members enable children to find resources for homework help in materials at the libraries and on the Library's Youth Services website through careful selection of both print and online resources.
4.4  The Summer Reading Program is celebrated systemwide, and encourages all children to continue to read over the summer by offering exciting new materials as well as classics in a variety of formats.
  Teens find appropriate print and online resources to help them with their homework, encourage creativity and imagination, and help them as they begin to explore and make decisions about higher education and careers. Programs such as the annual Teen Poetry Slam encourage creativity and reading.

Goal 5:  Support Adult Literacy and English-Language Study

The Library provides support and customized assistance for those who want to improve their literacy and/or English-language skills in order to meet personal goals and fulfill their responsibilities as parents, citizens and workers.


5.1  Literacy program staff members continue to work with collaborators and community partners to ensure that all adults who seek literacy services receive appropriate opportunities.
  Consistent and regular programs are offered to recruit, train and support volunteers who work with adult literacy and English-language students.
  Continuous efforts are made to recruit, encourage and retain adult literacy and English-language students.

Goal 6: Provide a Comfortable Place to Visit

Library users of all ages find attractive, welcoming facilities. They browse Library resources, select materials to check out, consult with Library staff and enjoy interacting with others or find quiet places to read and reflect.


6.1  Library resources for all are easy to find and use.
  Information, reference, and circulation service points are efficiently organized and effective in meeting Library users’ needs.
Furnishings and seating are comfortable and appropriate, whether the Library user is reading a newspaper or magazine, browsing through Library materials, using an Internet computer, reading with children, attending a program, or interacting with Library staff.
Library book clubs offer guidance in reading, stimulating discussion and a forum for readers to connect and share reading experiences with others.
Bookmobile and Outreach Services reach those who have difficulty visiting the main Library or Branches. These services reach beyond the walls of the Library to inspire county residents to live a life of learning.
Tutor rooms provide optimal settings for the tutor/learner pair to accomplish their objectives.
6.7  The Library website is a dynamic resource that includes relevant and easy-to-use databases and information, Library event calendars, information and resources for readers, and opportunities for Library user participation.

Mission & Vision      Annual Plan 2010-2011

Approved by the Board of County Commissioners .... August 2010

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