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Indigent Burials

Florida law states that all counties are charged with the burial of unclaimed or indigent bodies at the countyís expense. The law was enacted to ensure that unclaimed or indigent bodies are properly disposed of for public health purposes.

In Leon County indigent burials are coordinated between local funeral homes and Leon County Public Works by Health and Human Services staff.  There are no grave site religious or memorial services and viewings at the funeral homes are not available. Due to liability issues, friends and relatives are not allowed to be present at the time of the burial at the Pauperís Cemetery.

Please note the following details regarding the indigent burial program;

  • All unclaimed or indigent bodies are buried at the Leon County Pauper's Cemetery.
  • Leon County does not have a program that supplements funeral expenses.
  • Eligibility is based on federal poverty guidelines
  • Insurance, income, and assets will be reviewed to determine eligibility

Applications are available online and can be submitted to Human Service Analyst at 918 Railroad Ave. phone (850) 606-1922 or faxed to (850) 606-1943.

Indigent Burial Application
Next of Kin Statement

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