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LCSOE Poll Watcher and Rules page

Print The Poll Watcher Form

Generic Poll Watcher Form

Name or Address Updates for Voters who will be appointed as Poll Watchers must be done on a
Florida Voter Registration Application form (FVRA forms).

A. A candidate or party may have only one poll watcher at a time in a polling place during the hours of the election or in an early voting location during the hours of early voting.

B. Poll watchers must have in their possession an identification form provided by the Supervisor of Elections.

C. No poll watcher shall be permitted to come closer to the officials’ tables, the voting unit or the privacy booths than is reasonably necessary to properly perform his or her functions, but each shall be allowed within the polling room or early voting area to watch and observe the conduct of electors and officials.

D. Poll watchers shall pose any questions regarding polling place procedures directly to the clerk for resolution. They may not interact with voters.

E. Poll watchers shall furnish their own materials and necessities (such as a chair).

F. Poll watchers shall not obstruct the orderly conduct of any election.

G. Each poll watcher shall be a qualified registered elector of Leon County.

H. No candidate, sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer, or other law enforcement officer may be designated as a poll watcher.

I. If a poll watcher carries a cellular phone the ringer must be turned off or set to vibrate while inside the voting area.

J. Poll watchers needing to make or answer a call on a cellular phone must do so away from the voting area.

K. No photography is allowed inside a polling location, this includes using the camera on a cell phone.

L. While at the precinct poll watchers must adhere to the same standards as a poll worker; that is, no partisan or political clothing, jewelry or item may be worn, no partisan or disruptive conversations may be conducted.

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