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North Florida Fairgrounds Redevelopment

North Florida Fairgrounds

There could be big changes in store at the North Florida Fairgrounds. The Leon County Board of County Commissioners is evaluating whether the fairgrounds property offers an opportunity to provide commercial services and entertainment opportunities that do not currently exist on Leon County’s south side. 

The County has a long term lease with the North Florida Fair Association that does not expire until 2065. The County recognizes the importance of the North Florida Fairgrounds activities. Any consideration for reusing the land would include a plan to move the Fairgrounds to another location. The County would need to find a site for the Fairgrounds activities and would need to pay the cost of relocating the Fairgrounds, including acquiring a new site and constructing the necessary buildings and infrastructure. It is not the Board’s intention to act as developer. The goal is to have a private developer, or group of developers, undertake the redevelopment at the Fairgrounds property. 

In 2004, the Board hired the Strategic Planning Group, Inc. (SPG) to study the feasibility of redeveloping the North Florida Fairgrounds. After conducting the study, SPG recommended waiting 10 years until the market is more feasible to support this redevelopment. 

In February of 2005, at a Commission Workshop on the Fairgrounds Market Feasibility Study, the Board directed staff to begin preparations for redeveloping the current Fairgrounds site, including:

  • Locating and purchasing land for an alternative site for the North Florida Fair

  • Introducing a program to reduce the incidence of crime and enhance the image of the Southside area

  • Accelerating road improvement programs for Paul Russell and Tram Roads

  • Upgrading the general landscape of the land parcel to be redeveloped

The Board also directed staff to develop a Request for Proposals for redevelopment of Fairgrounds property as a mixed-use development.

Click here to view the Fairgrounds Market Feasibility Study

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